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BCE stands for Ben, Chris, and a former member of the group, Evan. We chose not to change the name after firing him.

About a couple months ago, we would have said yes, but now that we have an entire group to worry about, and all their machinimas we help out with regularly, we won't, unless you're a name that we know already. And I don't mean like a friend on YouTube, because I will probably accept your request no matter who you are.

If the video is one of our originals, then no. If it's one of our guides or another random video, then sure. Just remember to credit us, we don't ask for much more.

At your mom's house

If I don't feel like answering it for a lot of people.

If it's spectacular beyond question

If it's Halo, and we're not in the middle of filming something, then sure.

No 4 no

No. But I would like to turn your attention to Pivot Studios XE, our alternate Pivot account. If you want to see excellent Pivot videos, check out the link below.

If the event calls for it, then sure. But we really need to work out all the bugs.

I'm not sure I even need to answer that.

Once again, only if we're not currently doing a machinima idea. But also it must be featured on our channel, but also can be featured on yours as well.

sh0ck cp sh0ck
the 0's are zeroes, not O's
properly spaced
all lowercase

What do you think we've been trying to do for the past six months?!?!

...not that I can remember. We go on a lot of sites but we only have accounts on ones like this website creator.

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