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Main » 2009 » August » 31 » What am I writing this for again?
What am I writing this for again?
1:05 AM
No, I don't wanna make a blog post.

'Why not?'

Because I have nothing to write about!

'What do you mean, nothing? It's our aniversery!'

Ben, I don't know where you're getting at with this...

'No silly, BCE Productions' first successful (if you could call it that) year of business!'

Well that's just great. Now make me a cheese sammich BITCH!


Well, aside from all that household racket that you would normally hear around BCE Productions HQ, there's been a buzz around the offices about how we're gonna celebrate our 1st year in the big time, so lets start off with what you were all hoping for. A pointless rant.


"BCE Productions was the brainchild of a game Ben and I would play when we had some free time called 'Random Words with Ben', in which I would ask Ben a simple question and he would f*ck it up beyond all belief, and win. We managed to take this so called, 'Impressive' feat and turn it around into a full fledged... well, theme. Randomness is that theme. Complete and total comedic randomness. Well, anyway, we shot off after that, forming first off:

Our YouTube channel that most people know us by, of course

Then our INfamous FreeWebs website, which we closed down after it LESS then 100 views over the course of about 5 months, and was pretty weak compared to the one you're viewing this rant on now. But before that happened, there was...

The BCE Productions Official Blogspot. We shut it down after only a few months, when all the posts were considered irrelevant, activity was halted to almost a standstill, and it's publicity was little at that. We did all this to make way for...

The NEW BCE Productions Official Website, made with Ucoz.com and still running today, with hits topping over 700 today and growing every day.

We made our first spoof video just before Thanksgiving 2008 of a 'preview' for the upcoming Halo 4: Finish the fight... that you already finished. Dumbass. It was followed up by... actually, we're just gonna skip ahead to the part where we had a little company intervention, and decided to delete all our old or useless videos to make way for newer and more sophisticated types of filmmaking. On New Years Day 2009, we released our test of the Diamond VC500 Digital Video Capture Device test using Call of Duty World at War. It's our second most viewed video.


Rewind a bit. December 4th 2008, we release our most popular video, 'Epic Fail Montage'. It's the most viewed video on our channel to date.

Now where was I?

Two days after our capture card test we tested our new Video Editing software, Ulead Video Studio v.10, with two videos of the fourth CoD:WaW level, Vendetta. A little bit later we released some HD Picture montages testing the HD function on WMM and showing off my amazing MS Paint skillzorz. And then on May 9th, the infamous Ben finally finished his YouTube Poop video, 'Doctor Rabbit is an Acid Plaque Monster', which got great reviews from some of our viewers, and is a personal favourite of mine. On May 26th, BCE Productions uploaded their submission to Slaughterville6's proposed Bad Machinima Contest, and undoubtedly won (although he won't admit it). A few days later I was able to cut off Ben's work, Bombagging, from his YouTube Poop and upload it as a seperate video onto YouTube as our FIRST Halo 3 Machinima. Yeah. That was monumental.


Anyway, continuing with this RIVETING story, the day we included Slaughterville6 into our Guest Directors Program, he uploaded TimeShift Blood Montage to our channel. And so began the 'industrialization' of BCE Productions with the inclusion of serveral other Machinimators to our productions center, the addition of serveral other software and hardware programs which helped us along our way, and many crucial descisions that changed our agenda here at the BCE Offices. From there, it's just a mystery. Y'know why? Cuase it's the bright, bright future of BCE Productions that you're looking at."

WHOA! THAT WAS RANT-TASTIC! Anyway, I'm sorry I couldn't go into the bowels of history, but we've made a lot of changes along the history of BCE Productions, several of them we cannot remember.


We're probably gonna make some more surprise changes along the next few weeks, so be prepared.

Yeah, now I'm done. Peace.

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