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Main » 2009 » December » 28 » BCE Production's first Mark VI armor set -- Progress
BCE Production's first Mark VI armor set -- Progress
10:25 PM
Title explains itself. If you don't know what I'm talking about, don't worry about it. Just read the update and figure it out for yourself.


Armor piece: / Pepped / Resined / Bondo / Painted / Padded

Helmet: Pepped

Chest plate: Pepped

Left Forearm: Pepped

Right Forearm: Pepped

Left Bicep: Pepped

Right Bicep: Not started

Cod/Ass piece (lol): Not started

Left Thigh: Not started

Right Thigh: Not started

Left Shin: Not Started

Right Shin: Not started

Boots: Not started

Glove plates: Not started

Assault Rifle: Pepped (needs to be re-done)

Sniper Rifle: Pepped (needs to be re-done)

Frag Nades: Not started


This will be updated often when I finish and start pieces

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Total comments: 8
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