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Main » 2009 » November » 5 » Game Review - Left 4 Dead 2 (demo)
Game Review - Left 4 Dead 2 (demo)
1:50 PM
The long awaited Left 4 Dead 2 got a demo release this week for gold subscribers, and I gotta say, it was most likely one of the best gaming experiences I've ever had, next to the first time I pwn3d a n00b in Halo PC or fragged that tube noob in CoD4 with his own weapon, of course. Lemme break it down for you:

The demo dosen't have THAT much to go on, but what it has it perfects, and I doubt the rest isn't just as great. The only level you can play is The Parish, or at least part of it, by yourself (bleh, as usual), or with a group of 3 other friends, which is pretty awesome. Here's a breakdown of the new weapons I've seen so far, which is what everyone's been asking around about:


1. The Pistol, as usual, still dual wieldable, still pretty accurate at a good distance

2. The Magnum Pistol, which looks a lot like a Deagle (Desert Eagle, for those who don't play CoD4 as much as I do) with a red dot laser. It's pretty sick at headshots and willl, for the most part, instant kill normal infecteds

3. The Uzi, same as last time

4. The SILENCED Uzi, looks like Valve took a new tip from Bungie this year. The Silenced Uzi takes away no power from the weapon, it however decreases it's range and slightly decreases it's accuracy, but in the event that there is a Witch or another special infected around, will not startle them.

5. The Pump Shotgun, straight from the first game as usual

6. The Combat Shotgun, a new addition. It's still has a pump but it's accuracy and damage are increased tremendously, and is good for trying to surprise an unaware special infected, or just laying down a group of normal infected. However, it's RoF is decreased and it's reload time is increased slightly

7. The Semi-Auto shotty, the same idea as the first auto shotty, but it looks more like a Spas 12 now, which makes the gun at least OVAR 9000 times better

8. Bolt Action Hunting Rifle, same as the first game

9. Semi-Auto Sniper Rifle, which is a G3 with a scope on it, and can deal a lot of damage against bigger infected like the tank even from hip fire

10. The M16, accurate even from a distance and still powerful as ever, although the reload time is a little longer then the first game's M16

11. The Combat Rifle, I don't know much about this weapon other then it's the basic idea as the M16, although it looks like no weapon I've ever seen before (except for something I saw in a MW2 preview, but I'm not sure it's the same). Fires at full auto stream but is also great as a single shot hipfire weapon

12. The AK-47, and at that they officially have my favorite CoD4 class (Gold AK-47 + Deagle), now if only they could get me a red dot sight and martydom, that would be the best game EVAR!

Below is Melee Weapons, all of these have the same effect, an instant kill on a normal infected and a good shove for special infecteds

1. The Frying Pan, found in any house or kitchen area around a level

2. The Guitar, not my weapon of choice for fighting the zombie apocalypse, but I guess it gets the job done for them...

3. The Baton, or night stick, found if you kill an armored normal infected

4. The Machete, ah, the machete, I have a special fonding for this weapon. The seldom found weapon is the ultimate icon of the zombie apocalypse survivor's hack and slash limb chopping arsenal and will instant kill even smaller special infected, but we'll get to them later. This weapon is my favorite little toy, because it has a good RoS (rate of slash, lol), it never jams, and it never runs out of bullets...

I have heard of the Chainsaw and other melee weapons but I have yet to see them in the demo. When I get the full game I'll probably see them though...


Moving onto the new (and old) special infected:

Hunter: The hunter will pounce on you from a good distance and knock you down, tearing and slashing into your chest. The hunter in this game does quite a bit more damage then last time, so keep on the lookout

Jockey: The Jockey is a slower moving, small, and loud special infected, that is probably the easiest to spot if your a little vigilant. However, if a Jockey does manage to pounce you, it will hang on top of your neck and claw at you, while at the same time moving you around so it can make himself harder to shoot on top of your head, and move you away from your survivor palls while it beats the shit out of you

Boomer: The Boomer is still slow, he's still wierd as hell (but not as wierd as his sister...), and he still shoots annoying slime at you and does nothing else. Not any big improvement

Smoker: Smokers, nothing different from the first game. This is most likely my favorite infected to be in matchmaking

Charger: This new special infected has been mistaken as a 'new tank', but it's actually a large special infected that runs at you with incredible speed and grabs you with his huge right arm, then continuously slams you into the ground while you cannot do anything. It may sound really bad, but a couple well placed shots will bring this juggernaut down quickly. However, if you're in his grasp too long, he does a great deal of damage to you

Spitter: The Spitter, the boomer's half sister, is a 7 foot tall special infected that can shoot acid at you from a good distance (sounds familiar, right). Her acid is very dangerous and can continue to damage you even if you're out of the way of it. However, if you're close enough, she has no close ranged attack, so one good hit with the Machete and she's down. But watch out, when she does die she explodes (not very original, Valve) and releases whatever goo she has left in her system, most of it being onto you. But sometimes there will be normal infected around her and they will be damaged by the slime as well. This is undoubtedly the scariest zombie of them all

Witch: Same as last game, although you should watch out now, I have caught the Witch multiple times getting up and walking around dark areas, so look out for her

Tank: Ahh, the Tank. I still scream when that music plays, and I hear ROOOOOOAAAAAAAAR! followed by loud footsteps from the most annoying special infected in the game. He hasn't changed much, although this time around I have seen him several times flip and throw cars, and as he charges if there's another zombie in his wake, you won't have to worry about it anymore...


Along with new weapons and special infected, we have new equipment

1. Pain Pills, give you a temporary boost in health and a little more damage resistance

2. Adrenaline, gives you a temporary boost in health and allow you to do things like reload, heal, and hit things faster and stronger

3. Pipe Bombs, same concept as the last game, throw and watch the zombies run to their ultimate demise

4. Molotovs, same as the first game. These do a lot of damage to special infected

5. Boomer Bile. Someone was actually stupid enough to bottle puke. Will, they work in a way like pipe bombs, and make normal infected run around the area where the bile is, but if you throw them at special infected, or normal infected too, other normal infected will attack them and distract them for you

6. Med packs, as usual. Can't live without those


That's just about all that I've seen so far. The gameplay is top notch with little to no lag. But other then the stuff above, not much has changed about the gameplay of Left 4 Dead. It's still fight zombies, and you know what, I can live with that (pun not intended). I'll tell you more about the game when the full version comes out, or when someone tells me about it.

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