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Main » 2010 » March » 29 » Ideas for patches or the next COD
Ideas for patches or the next COD
3:04 AM
I figured I'd post a couple of my ideas on what should be implemented into a new COD game or a patch for MW2. Hope you agree and pass these along to your friends.

Pro perks were awesome. Pro EQUIPMENT, now that's just incredible to think about. Just gimme a sec to come up with some ideas...

Okay I have some:

--Frag Grenade pro - Larger blast radius / Less tendancy to roll (or more)

--Semtex pro - No beeping noise when thrown = doesn't show up on the enemies' HUD

--Throwing Knife pro - Knife doesn't ark and can be shot like a regular gun over longer ranges

--Tactical Insertion - Sound when planting and through the duration of activity should: A, be audible to only friendlies or B, not be audible at all

--Blast Shield - Slight protection against headshots

--Claymore - proximity detonation (like the bouncing betty of WaW)

--C4 - ability to toss it longer distances. it is a THROWN explosive, anyway

Also I have an idea for a piece of equipment:

Stab Proof Vest - Protects against melee attacks while worn, but not against throwing knives / Pro - Protects against throwing knives

Carry 2 smoke grenades - What's the problem with this?

Here are some perk ideas I heard around the interwebz. I like these, but what do you think?

Monkey - Ability to climb trees and other objects

Playing Dead - Ability to be 'dead' for a short amount of time

Eagle Eye - Weapons have longer ranges

Protector - Teammates around you are given a health boost, but some of your health is taken away for a short time

Sureshot - Explosve weapons like the AT4 and RPG fly perfectly straight (I'd like it if this were put in the perk slot where Danger Close is, just to balance it out)

EOD - Standing around an explosive without detonating it for a set amount of time defuses it

This would be good as a deathstreak: Smite - For a short time after respawning, 1/3rd of the damage that a player deals you is dealt back to them (but you still take full damage)

Straight Jacket - Enemies within a set distance move and react slower

Lucky Golden BB - Shooting the operator of a killstreak reward destroys the killstreak in mid air

Nader - Grenades, C4, and other explosives of the sort can be thrown farther

BandoLIER - Standing around an enemy for a short time takes away some of his ammunition and gives it to you

Ctrl + Alt + Destroy - The RPM of the weapons of enemies around you goes down (guns fire slower) 

Stiffarm - Enemies cannot lunge when they try to knife you

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That'd be sweet if it was like heat seeking for semtex pro.

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