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Main » 2009 » September » 1 » Surprise #1: Media Page Site
Surprise #1: Media Page Site
9:55 PM
Remember the last post after that insanely large rant (the boner of which you still have) and I said I was gonna surprise you guys a little bit throughout the next couple weeks? Well I wasn't lying.

The first surprise is a solution to a long-bothering problem of mine, the lack of the appropriate codec in this site's entry poster to embed videos. So guess what? There's a Media Site where you can view our latest 3 videos, along with our most discussed, top rated, and most viewed videos, so you won't have to go around the YouTube archives looking for them (and it is a bit of a challenge to find my top rated and most viewed now that our channel is upgraded to the BETA version).



(also what Slaughterville said about him updating this site more then I do, I beg to differ)
Category: News Updates | Views: 545 | Added by: bceproductions | Rating: 0.0/0 |
Total comments: 1
Ha ha ha. Yeah, I sorta forgot about posting that I got robbed on here.

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