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Main » 2010 » January » 12 » Video Game Reviews - Top Five Games of 2009 video / Immoral, Immortal teaser
Video Game Reviews - Top Five Games of 2009 video / Immoral, Immortal teaser
3:39 PM
First off, I'd just like to let everyone know that I slept with Tiger Woods. Can I have my money now, or later in the form of giant check?
Anyway, I recently made a video for my personal Top 5 Games of the year 2009 (not just made in 2009, played in 2009). This is a school update, so I can't access my YouTube account to put it on this post. Don't worry though. When I get home I will. What you can do for now is actually GO to my YouTube channel, and find it in the UPLOADS section.
But before you do that even, watch the featured video, and tell me what you think. Just to clarify, I am sh0ck cp sh0ck, it is MY montage teaser, for MY montage. Sick-sauce? You bet your ass it is.
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